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A Simple Guide to Poly Outdoor Furniture

While it may be impossible to argue the fact that an infinite number of possibilities exist when it comes to decorating your outdoor space, it stands to reason that poly wood is the perfect material to use when selecting new furnishings for your backyard or patio.

As a recent advancement in the world of outdoor furniture, poly lumber offers an alternative to traditional wooden pieces, while providing an eco-friendly solution for plastic waste. And since it’s made to last decades, you can be sure you’re getting the most from your investment in a backyard retreat.

As a leading retailer of Amish poly furniture, we’ve gathered years of hands-on experience that we have compiled to bring you an easy guide to this beautiful outdoor furniture.

Different Furniture Pieces and Styles

There are many pieces available when it comes to constructing the perfect outdoor space. For those interested in having an outdoor seating area to relax and enjoy Mother Nature or as a gathering place for friends and family, our Adirondack chairs are the go-to piece. Comfortable with a classic style, these chairs will give you just the right place to sit back and enjoy every outdoor occasion. Pair with a conversation table or coffee table and add a few end tables to complete your look.

With a range of different color options available to you, choosing the perfect tones to compliment your unique outdoor space is easy! Choose a solid polywood color or customize your own two-tone look and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind seating area to enjoy with your family and friends.

If a Poly Adirondack Chair does not suit your tastes, we also offer many classic poly deep seating options that will create a more refined look for your patio. The included seat and back cushions provide the most comfortable seating area and will give you and your loved ones the perfect reason to stay a little bit longer! Mix and match colors and patterns in your throw pillows to match any décor! Include the coffee table, ends tables and some comfy ottomans to complete the look, as seen here.

For those that love to dine al fresco, many collections offer different sized dining tables, along with matching arm and side chairs that are sure to give you and your loved ones the perfect place to have a meal outside. Combine with comfy seat cushions and you’ll have a place that you can eat, sit and comfortably relax after dinner, long into the evening.

What is Poly Wood?

RecycleWhen you see an old milk jug or laundry detergent bottle that no longer has a useful life of holding liquids, what do you see? Trash? Recyclables?

When we see these bottles, we see furniture! That’s because poly furniture is actually comprised of these recycled plastics and repurposed to create a building material that is very similar in appearance to traditional lumber made from trees.

Known as High Density Polyethylene, or HDPE, poly lumber is comprised of plastic fibers pressed together using heat and pressure to form planks, similar to wood that you would by at the hardware store. This lumber can then be used to create many different pieces, from outdoor decking and shutters to furniture, planters and other décor items.

The finished poly lumber comes in a variety of different colors, achieved through a dying process, which gives the poly a bright, uniform color that is present all the way through the plank.

This means the color will not wear away over time from frequent use or chips, cracks and scratches that plague painted wooden furniture. Poly furniture also features a UV inhibitor, ensuring your furniture stays bright and beautiful, even after decades of prolonged sun exposure.

How to Clean Your Poly Wood Furniture

The main reason to build the perfect outdoor space is to spend your time relaxing, not working. The biggest benefit to your new poly furniture will be the ones that you do not immediately see. Unlike traditional wooden outdoor pieces, you will never need to sand, refinish and reseal poly furniture. If it gets dirty, which will happen from time to time, there are a couple of different options that you have to make your pieces look brand new again.

For normal cleaning, we recommend soap and warm water in a bucket, along with a sponge, microfiber mitt or a soft bristle brush, similar to what you would use to wash a car. Allow the mix to sit for a bit and clean the chair from top to bottom. Make sure not to miss under the arms and seat, along with corners where dirt will tend to build up. After the wash, simply spray your furniture with clean water and your pieces are ready for more time outside!

For heavier dirt, a solution of 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water can be used without affecting the color of your poly wood. Along the same lines as the soap and water method, mix your bleach and water in a clean bucket and clean the furniture as you would a car, from top to bottom. Spray with clean water and repeat as necessary to restore your pieces to their original luster.

Another popular method for cleaning your poly furniture is with a power washer. We recommend not to exceed 1,500 PSI for this method, as higher pressures may damage the material. You can use soap and water, but it is possible to wash dirt offer without them, using a high pressure hose. You can also loosen up any tough dirt with a soft bristle brush, if needed.

Most pieces are assembled using stainless steel that features a protective coating that provides a nice luster to the hardware. If the hardware begins to show signs of corrosion at any point in time, wash with soap and water, using a bristle brush. You can also use a commercial rust remover if necessary. Once clean, apply an oil based lubricant to keep any future corrosion at bay.

If needed, you can also apply touch up paint in the appropriate color to your hardware, which will ensure further protection in the future. Please consult your local hardware store for paint as needed.

Weather Resistant and Maintenance Free Products

Because of its composition, poly lumber is durable enough for life outdoors, in any situation. From the salty air and blazing sun of a beach home, to the frost, snow and ice of the rugged northern winters, poly furniture will stay beautiful for decades! (And most pieces come with a warranty to back up that claim.)

Once assembled, you can enjoy your poly furniture without the need for the regular maintenance that is bound to wooden outdoor pieces. No more dealing with seasonal sanding and refinishing, sealing or dealing with water damage, splinters, cracks or termite and insect damage. You can spend your time enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature and your peaceful outdoor retreat!

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